Forthcoming speakers

Dr Sharon Spooner: What is happening to General Practice?

Why it is so difficult currently to get an appointment with a GP? Dr Spooner will help us understand what’s going on, highlighting research studies that describe what has been happening to the general practitioner workforce. She will start with the career aspirations of recently qualified doctors then examine the motivation of more experienced GPs. She will consider their experiences of working alongside other healthcare professionals and present some thoughts on how things might be improved.

Dr Spooner is a clinical lecturer at the University of Manchester whose research focuses upon the delivery of general practice services and the people who deliver them. Her research is informed by many years of frontline clinical work as a General Practitioner which has included responsibilities for patient care, business and human resource management, clinical teaching, and the monitoring of performance.

This lecture will be available to watch live via Zoom. The ticket price is £5 per household.