Notice of AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the 

Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society will take place on

Saturday 28th March

in the Terrace Room at Hebden Bridge Town Hall

Light refreshments from 10.30am, meeting starts 11am

Frank Woolrych was the driving force behind the recent revival of the society and we are eager to keep this momentum alive, to continue to build on past experiences and sustain a thriving organisation.

We would welcome anyone interested in getting involved with the running of the Society and ask that they get in touch with Barbara Atack before the meeting, on

The Lit & Sci has been in existence for 115 years, we do not want it to fade away.

Obituary: Frank Woolrych




  • Sat

    This Event is Cancelled:

    Journalist Christopher de Bellaigue, who attended Eton College, is from an Anglo-French background. He obtained a BA and MA in Oriental Studies from the University of Cambridge, where he was a student at Fitzwilliam College. His first book, In the Rose Garden of the Martyrs: A Memoir of Iran, was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Literature's Ondaatje Prize. In 2007-2008, he was a visiting fellow at St Antony's College, Oxford. There he began work on his biography of the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh who was overthrown in 1953 in a military coup instigated by the British and American Governments to protect the interests of their oil companies.

    In 2012, his book about Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mossadegh, Patriot of Persia: Muhammad Mossadegh and a Tragic Anglo-American Coup, was published.

    Christopher is a frequent contributor to The Guardian, New York Review of Books, Granta, and The New Yorker, among other publications. He was formerly the Tehran correspondent for The Economist. He lives in London with his wife Bita Ghezelayagh, who is an Iranian architect, and two children.

    Faith or Reason, which is best?  There's only one way to find out! Playing in your local High St soon.

  • Sat

    Those attending the final in the current season of Hebden Bridge Lectures will be transported back to the years immediately after the Napoleonic Wars and the Battle of Waterloo. Robert Poole, Professor of History at the University of Central Lancashire, will be discussing both Peterloo, the shocking massacre of unarmed demonstrators in Manchester in 1819, and what came about in the years immediately after this event. The lecture is in the Waterfront Hall, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, on Sat February 22nd (doors open 7pm).

    Robert Poole is the author of Peterloo: the English Uprising, published last year to extremely good reviews. It was Book of the Year for the magazine History Today, which described it as "the definitive account of Peterloo".

    "The book's place as a key text in the history of British politics and society should be long-lasting," the magazine's reviewer added.

    Poole's account reinterprets some of the history of the period in E.P.Thompson's classic text The Making of the English Working Class, emphasizing among other things radical populism, the role of female reformers and the effects of the Napoleonic wars. In his lecture, Robert will be describing what he calls the 'aftershocks' from Peterloo in the period immediately after 1819.

    The Lecture is being organised by Hebden Bridge Literary and Scientific Society, founded in 1905 and responsible in recent years for bringing eminent lecturers to the Calder Valley to share their knowledge and understanding. Robert Poole has at short notice stepped in to undertake the lecture, following the ill health of the advertised speaker Malcolm Chase.

    Barbara Atack of the Lit and Sci Society said: "What happened in the early decades of the nineteenth century directly influenced the development of democracy in Britain and the sort of society we live in today. We know that Robert's lecture will be extremely stimulating and we are very grateful to him for undertaking this lecture at very short notice.”

    Peterloo to Chartism and ever onward: is Democracy more than a snowflake in a Greenhouse World? Maybe we'll know by next Season....