Malcolm Chase: Peterloo and its aftermath – A Yorkshire perspective

Malcolm Chase is Emeritus Professor of Social History at the University of Leeds and one of Britain’s most renowned social historians.

He will be lecturing in Hebden Bridge on what took place in Yorkshire in the period between the Peterloo massacre in Manchester (1819) and the start of the Chartist movement (c. 1838).

Malcolm’s research interests are many and varied, centring on British popular culture and politics. He has written widely on the Chartist movement and his book Chartism: A New History (2007) is considered one of the standard histories of this important movement. It has, among other things, been translated into French. He is the author of 1820: disorder and stability in the United Kingdom (2015) and is currently working on a biography of the MP Sir Francis Burdett (1770-1844). Earlier work by Malcolm included important studies on the history of English radical agrarianism.

Peterloo to Chartism and ever onward: is Democracy more than a snowflake in a Greenhouse World? Maybe we’ll know by next Season….